How to Select the Best Cladding Materials To Use in Your Home

This is something that might not be important when we’re doing your exterior. This is an important consideration, as you will likely live in the same house for many decades. The market offers many options so it is easy for you to choose the right cladding material. More choices mean more affordable options. So we can be creative and not be too concerned about the cost. Visit our website and learn more about

No matter whether you’re hiring an architect to design the exterior, or you’re designing it yourself. Here are some options of cladding materials you could consider for your forever residence:

Fiber cement – If you don’t mind spending a lot to improve the exterior of your house this is the option for you. This option is durable, but it comes with a steep price tag. It can also enhance your house’s exterior. It is easy to install and many people love this cladding. They come prepainted and can be applied to any house.
Bricks- Bricks can be used for construction. It is the same material you used to make the foundation of your home. It is attached to the inner wall with a metallic net. It can be found in the form panels. This option is expensive because the bricks used to build the foundation are more affordable than the ones used for decoration. These bricks are popular because they are easy to put together.
Wood- This classic choice can give your home a rich look. This is where most timber is used. But, there are a few reasons why this isn’t the best choice. Why? Because of the way the timber will react when the weather changes. It can lose its color from the sun or rain. Although many manufacturers claim that color is chemically protected, there is still a slight color change. It is possible to use it in places that don’t get much rain, but it might not be suitable for other parts of the country.
Render- A render option is for those who prefer a smooth finish. This cladding material is also compatible with other claddings. Each layer of render is highly pigmented and will not lose its color with time. It is used to increase the heat of the house. It is the most commonly used cladding material in Singapore. A professional must be able to apply render. It takes three days for the application.

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