Men’s ring styles are hot

When does a “man’s” ring cease being a ring? With jewellery, there seems to have been a cross-fertilization. Unisex jewellery has been made possible by the proliferation of Unisex clothing. There are many options available for buying rings, from titanium rings to titanium rings set in gold or gemstones. In the past, you could only find classic wedding bands as men’s ring options. Let’s read more about statement mens rings.

Today, men’s rings come in all sizes and styles. The variety of men’s ring styles available ranges from the extravagant, MTV-styled bling to the subtler, more refined silver titanium rings. P Diddy and other celebrities have made it a fashionable trend to wear diamond-encrusted jewellery. Celebrities and actors have become billboards to jewellery retailers who are trying to sell their expensive jewellery.

Accessorizing smartly is possible with mens’ watches and mens rings. Verdict reports that British men now spend PS2.1 billion a year on accessories. Of this, one-fifth is spent each on watches and jewelry. Men could consider men’s rings just as important as wearing the latest watch or using the most recent mobile phone as accessories. India is witnessing the same trend. Young men in India are open to showing more of their feminine side. A boom in sales has been seen in jewellery stores in major Indian cities for men’s’ rings, bracelets, earrings.

I asked a variety of men what they thought about rings. The responses varied widely, from casual indifference to more reserved, measured responses. I would like it to look classy, one said. Another one shuddered at my mention of mens rings. He replied that it was “like putting ten tonne weights onto your fingers” – which isn’t good for your ability to type on your laptop. Ah well. Some men may have to choose between fashion or technology. However, most urban metrosexuals across the globe enjoy the idea of looking cool beyond a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

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