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How To Keep Your Self-Storage Units Filled

It is the sound of quiet that can be frightening for new owners of self-storage units There are no sounds like cars banging on doors or better-half shouting to their husbands “That was my Mothers,” please be careful! The units are empty, and the coffers empty. This is the beginning of the end for the business. There are many ways to raise the volume in the self-storage industry. These are the top ones. You don’t have to look any further for the best method to fill empty units and make “money” a buzz again.

It is possible to fill the empty units with a great product at an affordable price. This is the secret to filling them and keeping them filled. Do not listen to any marketing-guru or business professional who says otherwise. While these are two of the most important factors in keeping self-storage units full, and cash registers ringing with success, there are several other issues that must be addressed.

To ensure that units are filled, it is important to maintain a clean and safe self-storage unit. Customers will be less likely to return to a unit if it is not kept clean and the landscaping effort is poor. Don’t allow this to happen. Self storage unit filling is much easier and less expensive than acquiring customers. This holds true for all business ventures in every industry.

Hiring a maintenance man is the easiest way to make sure that the unit’s location is in good condition. This part-time or full-time employee will be capable of cleaning and maintaining the entire self-storage facility. While it may seem difficult to find someone to maintain the grounds and trim the grass around the units, it is possible. While the equipment may seem costly and large at first glance, it will soon be worth it in the long-term.